US automotive research and manufacturing company, Lightning Hybrids International, confirms commitment to the UK by moving into larger facilities at MIRA Technology Park.

14 February, 2017

Lightning Hybrids International (LHI), manufacturers of hydraulic hybrid technology for harnessing brake power, will be moving its existing facility at the technology park into larger premises in the newly opened North West 3 building.

As the leading developers of the Energy Recovery System (ERS), a hydraulic hybrid up-fit for urban medium and heavy-duty vehicles which saves fuel and reduces harmful emissions, LHI’s expansion at MIRA Technology Park reflects the company’s success in the UK, European and global market. The move will support further growth of their regional client base and team of skilled engineers.

The larger premises will enable LHI to continue to develop their technology in the UK and widen its global client portfolio. The European market provides an ideal opportunity for growth for LHI, in part due to the increasing focus on green technology. The ability to develop its products in the UK will be instrumental in LHI’s continuing growth and success in Europe.

Lightning Hybrids International facility at HOBIRA MIRA, UK

This expansion follows the appointment of Ross MacKerron as Director of International Business Development. Ross MacKerron said: “Our new and larger space at MIRA will allow LHI to continue our growth here in the UK and gives us proximity to key customers like DHL and UPS. The facility is the perfect place for the fitting and commissioning of our Energy Recovery System on heavy fleet vehicles, it really does provide both ourselves and our clients a great environment to operate in. It’s a huge step forward for us.”

Developed and built on-site at MIRA Technology Park, LHI’s hydraulic hybrid technology is used to harness brake power in commercial vehicles, improving engine efficiency and reducing brake wear.  This technology improves engine efficiency for vehicles that are frequently braking and stopping – including delivery vehicles, saves fuel and reduces pollution, including NOx and COemissions.

LHI’s new home at MIRA Technology Park, North West 3, opened in November 2016 and is already fully occupied.

Terry Spall, Commercial Director at MIRA Technology Park, said: “We’re really pleased to have supported LHI in their requirements for larger premises at MIRA Technology Park. Our new North West 3 building will provide LHI with the facility to expand on their success in Europe, as well as deliver access to extensive testing facilities.

LHI established its first UK base at MIRA Technology Park in March 2016, joining the likes of Bosch, Haldex, Aston Martin and Continental at the world-renowned site.  Since 2010, MIRA Technology Park has welcomed over 30 globally-recognised businesses to the site.  It has also become one of the UK’s top performing Enterprise Zones and is rapidly gaining recognition as a premier location in Europe for automotive research and development.

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About Lightning Hybrids

Lightning Hybrids International (LHI) develops innovative hydraulic hybrid technology from its Head Office in Colorado, USA and its new facility at MIRA Technology Park in Nuneaton.  The technology applies a hydraulic system to the driveline of commercial vehicles to regenerate braking energy. This saves fuel, reduces brake wear, increases vehicle power and reduces harmful emissions.


HORIBA MIRA Ltd is a world-leader in advanced engineering, research and product testing. Over 70 years it has grown into a truly international organisation with facilities located around the world. MIRA’s work spans the Automotive, Aerospace, Rail and Defence industries and includes the development of ground-breaking low carbon and autonomous vehicle technologies.  MIRA Technology Park was established in 2010 and has already attracted over 30 major global OEM’s, Tier 1 and specialist automotive technology companies.  In 2010 it was granted planning approval for its Masterplan which extends to a total of 1.75million sqft set within the 842 acre site.  It has also been recognised by the UK government and was awarded Enterprise Zone status in 2011.


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