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Energy Recovery and Emissions Reduction System

What is LightningHybrid?

Ideal for vehicles in heavy duty drive cycles like delivery, transit, and refuse, LightningHybrid reduces lifetime costs by delivering fuel efficiency, brake wear savings, and emissions reductions. The LightningHybrid product is available as an upfit on new vehicles or can help you make your current fleet more efficient by retrofitting to trucks and buses you currently run.

The LightningHybrid is a hydraulic hybrid and does not have batteries, instead it safely and efficiently regenerates braking energy in composite hydraulic accumulators, which are a fraction of the cost and weight of batteries.

Regenerative braking

A regenerative braking hybrid captures energy from the motion of the vehicle when the brakes are pressed, and returns that energy to propel the vehicle when it accelerates. In a conventional vehicle, motion energy is turned into heat in the brakes and lost forever. In a LightningHybrid, the stored energy launches the vehicle, reducing the load on the engine so it uses less fuel and emits less pollution.

Advanced accumulator

Energy is stored by pumping hydraulic fluid into an accumulator, which is a tank with a nitrogen-filled bladder. As fluid is forced into the tank, the bladder compresses, raising the pressure until the vehicle accelerates. The accumulator’s advanced composite design allows it to be much lighter than equivalent electric batteries, while remaining safe and reliable for years of use.

Sophisticated software

LightningHybrid control software was developed to maximize efficiency, reliability, safety, and drivability in every on-the-road situation. Every LightningHybrid comes fully integrated with LightningAnalytics for near-real-time reporting on the health and reporting of your fleet.

LightningHybrid at a Glance

  • Works on most front-engine, rear-wheel-drive truck and bus chassis with gross vehicle weight greater than 10,000 lbs.
  • Available for Ford, GM, Freightliner, Navistar, Autocar, Mercedes-Benz, DAF, Ashok Leyland, and Volvo
  • Specifications for North America and International vehicles
  • Validated through rigorous testing – both in the lab and on the road

LightningHybrid Specifications

Vehicle GVWR 10,000 to 20,000 lbs 20,001 to 35,000 lbs 35,001 to 80,000 lbs
Installation New build or retrofit New build or retrofit New build or retrofit
Standard warranty 5yr / 60,000 miles included 5yr / 60,000 miles included 5yr / 60,000 miles included
Extended warranty 5yr / 100,000 miles available 5yr / 100,000 miles available 5yr / 100,000 miles available
Example platforms Ford E-350, E-450, F-550, F-59
Freightliner MT-45
Workhorse W42
GM 3500, 4500
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
Ford F-59, F-650, F-750
Freightliner MT-55, M2, S2C, C2
International DuraStar
contact LH
Wheelbase ≤ 138″ ≤ 158″ contact LH
Transmission types supported manual, auto, AMT manual, auto, AMT manual, auto, AMT
ERS weight 650-900 lbs 800-1,000 lbs 1,000-1,500 lbs
System torque addition (braking and accelerating) 600-1,200 ft lbs 1,200 ft lbs 4,400 ft lbs
Peak power 156 kW 312 kW 312 kW
Total energy capacity 0.1 kW hr 0.19 kW hr 0.38 kW hr
Accumulator type carbon fiber wound type 3 carbon fiber wound type 3 carbon fiber wound type 3
Accumulator capacity 10 or 15 US gallon 15 or 20 US gallon 20 or 30 US gallon
Gear ratio 2:1 2:1 7:1
Data logging & analysis available available available
Telematics available available available

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