Lightning Systems Wins Engineering Impact Award for Transportation, Heavy Equipment from National Instruments

Lightning Hybrids recognized for its innovative hydraulic hybrid system

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AUSTIN, Texas, June 1, 2017 – Lightning Systems, a global leader in efficiency and emissions improvement solutions for fleets of medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicles, has been awarded an Engineering Impact Award for Transportation and Heavy Equipment by National Instruments (NI), a worldwide provider of systems that enable engineers and scientists to solve engineering challenges.

“I’m proud to be part of a company whose customers are making huge impacts on their businesses, on industry, and even on the world as we know it,” said Alex Davern, president and CEO of NI. “The Engineering Impact Awards give us the opportunity to recognize the innovative and technically challenging solutions our customers are creating to improve the world through science and engineering.”

The Engineering Impact Awards is an annual contest for which engineers, scientists, and researchers from around the globe submit technical papers featuring their most impactful and technically challenging applications created with NI software and hardware. This year, NI received 130 submissions from 32 countries around the world, and a technical panel of experts selected just 15 as finalists in the following categories: Advanced Research, Aerospace and Defense, Electronics and Semiconductor, Energy, Industrial Machinery and Control, RF and Mobile Communications, and Transportation and Heavy Equipment.

The awards, which were presented on May 23 during the annual NIWeek conference in Austin, Texas, recognize companies and universities that use the NI platform to develop innovative applications that address societal and engineering challenges. Lightning Systems was selected as a finalist, and ultimately the winner, in the Transportation and Heavy Equipment category.

(Left to right) Alex Davern, President and CEO, NI; Dr. James Truchard, Chairman of the Board of Directors, NI; Jonathan Reynolds, Lead System Architect, Lightning Systems; Adam Hartzell, Controls Engineers, Lightning Systems; and Dave Wilson, Vice President, Platform Software, Academic and Customer Education, NI

“We’re thrilled to be recognized by NI with an Engineering Impact Award,” said Tim Reeser, CEO of Lightning Systems. “NI is a global leader in test, measurement, and control solutions. We’ve used their hardware and software platform to help us to successfully deploy our hydraulic hybrid system with many fleets, and we’re honored to have NI as a partner as we move into new markets for our products.”

NI, based in Austin, provides powerful, flexible technology solutions that accelerate productivity and drive innovation. Customers in nearly every industry — from healthcare and automotive to consumer electronics and particle physics — use NI’s integrated hardware and software platform.

The LightningHybrids system from Loveland, Colo.-based Lightning Systems is an energy recovery system with no electric batteries. Instead, the system applies a hydraulic system to the vehicle driveline to regenerate braking energy. Hydraulic pumps and a lightweight accumulator brake the vehicle, store the braking energy, and then use that stored energy to provide power to the wheels. In doing so, fuel is saved, and harmful emissions are reduced.

Applications for the LightningHybrids system include delivery trucks, shuttle and paratransit buses, refuse trucks, and rear-engine transit buses. The system is available worldwide on more than 25 platforms. This solution can be retrofitted to new or existing fleet vehicles and provides a new method for fleet operators to reduce fuel costs, brake wear, engine wear, and pollution.

Lightning Systems is a fast-growing, global green fleet solutions company. In early May, Lightning Hybrids announced its name change to Lightning Systems and said that in the next two years it will introduce a new lineup of fleet efficiency products to support commercial and government fleets. To keep up with demand, support manufacturing of new products, and to service its customers, the company is moving its corporate headquarters to the Rocky Mountain Center for Innovation & Technology in Loveland, Colo. The new space has 45,000 square-feet, nearly doubling the size of the company’s existing headquarters.

About NI

NI ( empowers engineers and scientists with a software-centric platform that incorporates modular hardware and an expansive ecosystem. This proven approach puts users firmly in control of defining what they need to accelerate their system design within test, measurement and control. NI’s solution helps build high-performance systems that exceed requirements, quickly adapt to change and ultimately improve the world.

About Lightning Systems

Lightning Systems, based in Loveland, Colo., is a global leader in efficiency and emissions improvement solutions for fleets of medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicles. The company’s products include: LightningAnalytics, a cloud-based, analytics system for fleet vehicles; LightningHybrids, a hydraulic hybrid energy recovery system for delivery trucks, shuttle and paratransit buses, refuse trucks, and rear-engine transit buses; and a variety of other fleet fuel efficiency and emissions improvement products to be introduced between now and 2019. To learn more, visit

Lightning Systems controls team (left to right): Adam Hartzell, Jonathan Reynolds, Michael Corona. (Not pictured: Eric Jones)