What is Lightning Repower?

Lightning Repower refers to replacing an existing gasoline or diesel fueled fleet vehicle powertrain with the Lightning electric Zero Emission Vehicle powertrain.

Vehicles are repowered to all-electric by removing the engine, transmission, exhaust system and fuel tank and replacing those with a high-power electric motor, transmission, batteries, and electric accessories (power steering, air condition, heaters, etc.). The electric motor and transmission are configured similarly to the conventional drivetrain and secured to a frame that mimics the stock layout — in fact, the Lightning Electric Vehicle powertrain bolts right onto the stock engine mounts in the front of the vehicle.

Auxiliary componentry is replaced to ensure all vehicle functionality is maintained (brakes, power steering, climate control, etc.) and batteries are mounted inside the vehicle with framework and covered with compliant shrouding.

Lightning Repower is ideal for fleet owners who are looking to:

  • Add new life to a vehicle in need of a new powertrain
  • Decrease fleet operating costs
  • Update safety and drivability
  • Meet looming ZEV mandates
  • Save on the cost of a new zero emission vehicle

Lightning Repower