DC fast charging solution, anytime, anywhere you need it.

Lightning Mobile charging units for commercial and consumer EVs are designed, engineered, and proven to be the ideal solution to DC fast charge trucks, vans, buses and cars at remote locations, special events and depots. Lightning Mobile frees electric vehicles to go anywhere, work anywhere and play anywhere without getting stranded.

Lightning Mobile is available in a range of configurations to suit your operational needs. Energy storage capacity ranges from 210 kWh to 420 kWh, and up to five CCS-1 outputs which can simultaneously charge at up to 80 kW.

Lightning Mobile can be used to charge on-road and off-road vehicles.


The Lightning Mobile Advantage


Set up charging infrastructure without the need for permits or major, time-consuming construction.

Temporary infrastructure solution

Getting permanent DC charging infrastructure can take a while. Deploy Lightning Mobile to charge your vehicles in the interim.

Peak Rate

Lower operating costs, avoid a utility’s peak rates when charging, and gain greater flexibility with vehicle duty scheduling.

Mobile Disaster
Relief And Rescue

Easily tow Lightning Mobile to where fast vehicle charging is needed, including, the side of the road or a disaster area.


Lightning Mobile can be deployed in a static location for flexible on-site charging.

Service and Support

From vehicle deployment and technical expertise to custom analytics and operator training, our dedicated team of experts takes great pride in providing industry-leading service and support.


Battery capacity (kWh)210*315420*
Number of DC outputs22*435
Estimated weight (lbs)7,4009,3509,99012,40013,300
Estimated total length (including trailer tongue) (ft)20.720.720.724.726.7
Height85 in
Width8.5 ft
Charging input (from grid)AC Level 2 up to 19.2 kW or DC fast charge up to 120 kW
Charging output (to electric vehicle)DC Fast Charge up to 80 kW per port (5 ports maximum)
Input connectorCCS-1 port
Output connectorsCCS-1 connector (DC)
Output cable length20 ft
System voltage150 - 500 VDC
Data reporting and analyticsAvailable

* Coming soon