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Welcome to our brand new podcast! Two episodes so far, and more will come!

We’re going to cover a range of topics relating to commercial EVs, such as battery range, Zero Emission Zones in cities, technology, legislation, incentives and more. Subscribe to the podcast on your favorite platform, and stay informed!

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Nick Bettis (l) and Tim Reeser (r) in our dedicated podcast studio
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Electric commercial vehicles are here, and fleets need to have a clear understanding of, and plan for, what this means to them. This podcast, presented by Lightning System’s industry experts, will cover all things commercial EV from industry trends to vehicle and charging technical considerations. Our goal is to ensure that you have all the information you need to successfully deploy and maintain your fleet of electric buses, trucks, and delivery vans.


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July 30, 2020 – Zero Emissions Zones

Our topic for this episode is Zero Emissions Zones, which are city regions where there are restrictions on the use of fossil fuel vehicles. The most famous example is London; but other cities are implementing ZEZs. Host Nick Bettis talks with Lightning CEO Tim Reeser and with our special guest Michael Marx, director of CorpEthics. Michael can be contacted at the website. We discuss how zero emissions zones can accelerate the adoption of electric commercial vehicles, and how companies and citizens can press for ZEZs in their own cities.

July 22, 2020 – Demystifying commercial EV range

In our very first podcast episode we unpack on-road range – how far can a commercial battery electric vehicle go on a full charge? Lightning Systems CEO Tim Reeser talks with host Nick Bettis about this unexpectedly complex topic.