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Our vehicles are creepy…

Did you know that we go out of our way to make our vehicles creepy? It’s true! But does that mean that our EVs will send shivers down your spine? Or that dogs will howl in the night? Or that we’re developing a line of electric hearses? Well… no. We’re talking about a different meaning [...] Read more

Lightning Analytics: More Than Just Telematics

Our battery-electric vans, trucks and buses run on the best drivetrain components available, for reliability, efficiency and longevity. However, we go beyond the hardware with our Lightning Analytics technology. Every vehicle is equipped with a telematics controller which interfaces with the CAN bus and connects to our data servers over an encrypted 4G connection. This [...] Read more

Colorado Incentives for Commercial EV Purchases

Get the Scoop on the New Colorado Incentives for Commercial EV Purchases We’re excited to tell you that our home state of Colorado has two great incentive programs for replacing old diesel or gasoline vans, trucks and buses with new zero-emission vehicles, such as the ones you can get from Lightning Systems. Available for GVWR [...] Read more

Green: Nature’s Rejected Color

It’s Friday, and I don’t feel like writing about trucks. Here’s something of general interest which might change the way you look at the world. Let’s talk about “green”. Green is the undisputed iconic color of environmental concern. Lightning Systems is in the “green transportation” sector, we tag our tweets “#greentech”, there are Green Parties [...] Read more

The Inverter: The Unsung Hero of an EV Drivetrain

As you know, electric vehicles have one or more batteries, and one or more propulsion motors. Our designs use a single propulsion motor which connects via a simple transmission unit to the vehicle’s drive shaft. But have you ever wondered what goes in-between the batteries and the motor? Just like the AA batteries in your [...] Read more

Lightning Systems electric vehicles: Sustainability

This article discusses the benefits of battery-electric commercial vehicles from a sustainability perspective, primarily focusing on emissions but also looking at the end-to-end environmental impact of the products. You can find a PDF of this article here. A quick look at automotive pollutants… Automotive pollutants fall into two main categories: Air quality pollutants – These [...] Read more

Ramping Up…

The market for electric commercial vehicles is heating up, and we’re ramping right up with it. With new orders rolling in, we’re going into high gear with electric drivetrain production at our Loveland, Colorado facility. The photo shows two of our Gen2 Ford Transit drivetrains being built for a customer in Southern California. Designed to [...] Read more

The Truth About Purpose-Built vs. Conversions

Among the up-and-coming US-based electric commercial vehicle manufacturers, two approaches are competing for the mindshare of fleet customers: all-new, purpose-built EV’s and EV conversions of established vehicles from major OEMs. Although the argument for purpose-built electric vehicles resonates with engineers and technical fleet managers, only purpose-built electric transit buses have succeeded to date — and [...] Read more


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The funds will be used to increase production capacity and space so the company can clear its backlog of orders, and to hire more staff.

Lightning Systems Raises $41M for Electric Powertrain Ramp Up

#LightningSystems raises $41M for production ramp up of #electric #powertrains for commercial vehicles

Another nail in coal’s coffin! The trend towards greener grids means cleaner power for EVs in the long run. #electricvehicles #zeroemissions #greentech

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