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Lightning during the COVID-19 storm

It may look like it’s been “business as usual” here at Lightning, with our recent order announcements, but – just like everyone else – we’ve been living life very differently during the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re regarded as an essential business because we’re producing and maintaining vehicles which are used by hospitals, delivery services and other [...] Read more

The OEMs and the Electric Commercial Vehicle Market

We are often asked if Ford and the other OEMs are getting into the electric commercial vehicle market, and what that might mean for us. Our CEO Tim Reeser responds to these questions in this video. Read more

Thoughts On How to Clean Up Denver’s Air

I was recently invited by Colorado Governor Jared Polis to participate in a roundtable discussion on how State government can support the Colorado Cleantech industry and help the State improve its air quality. It was a timely discussion given that Denver’s air quality rating was recently downgraded from moderately poor to serious. While many good [...] Read more

Out With The Old – In With The New #2

We’ve designed our Ford Transit electric drivetrain as a self-contained sled which slots in where the gasoline engine was and connects right onto the vehicle’s driveshaft. This helps with making the upfit quick. Read more

Out With The Old – In With The New

I almost don’t need to write anything… …but I will. 🙂 This is the diesel engine and transmission that was pulled from a Gillig city transit bus, and the UQM (now Danfoss Editron) motor and 2-speed transmission that replaced it. Smaller, quieter, and with far fewer noving parts, this motor not only propels the bus [...] Read more

The Truth About Reliability

Electric Commercial Vehicles: The Truth About Reliability: Check Out the Components! Commercial fleets live and die on vehicle reliability. Every hour a vehicle isn’t running is an hour it isn’t making revenue. As commercial fleets transition to battery electric vehicles (BEV), reliability and serviceability must be considered. To date, though, this subject has been glossed [...] Read more

Our vehicles are creepy…

Did you know that we go out of our way to make our vehicles creepy? It’s true! But does that mean that our EVs will send shivers down your spine? Or that dogs will howl in the night? Or that we’re developing a line of electric hearses? Well… no. We’re talking about a different meaning [...] Read more

Lightning Analytics: More Than Just Telematics

Our battery-electric vans, trucks and buses run on the best drivetrain components available, for reliability, efficiency and longevity. However, we go beyond the hardware with our Lightning Analytics technology. Every vehicle is equipped with a telematics controller which interfaces with the CAN bus and connects to our data servers over an encrypted 4G connection. This [...] Read more


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Lightning Energy to Provide Charging Services to Fleets

To learn more about Lightning Energy, visit our website at #FleetManagement #EVSE #ChargingSolutions #EVCharging #Fleets #Cleantech

.@LightningSys has launched Lightning Energy, a new division of the Colorado-based company that offers #charging technologies and services to commercial and government #fleets. #ElectricVehicle #energy #renewableenergy #greennewdeal #greennewdeal

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