Let us put you in the zero-emissions driver’s seat.

Electric commercial vehicles are increasingly making sense for urban duties, from parcel delivery to airport shuttles to food trucks. Cut your on-road emissions to zero while enjoying quiet, reliable operation.

Lightning systems offers the widest range of high-quality, high-performance vans, trucks and buses in the market. Contact us to electrify your fleet now.

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Benefits to the bottom line

Electric vehicles save your fleet money on maintenance and downtime, while improving air quality.

Zero Emissions means cleaner air in communities you serve

Regenerative braking dramatically reduces brake wear – and improves efficiency too

Fewer parts and a well-engineered powertrain mean lower maintenance costs

Significant savings on operating costs

Big savings on fuel and no en-route fueling time

More vehicle uptime with no emissions testing, no oil changes, and no DPF maintenance


We’re passionate about the environment and fleet efficiency.

Everything we do is focused on increasing fleet efficiency while reducing air pollution and noise. We don’t compromise on vehicle quality and reliability, and we go the extra mile with technologies such as brake energy regeneration, hill-hold, and Lightning Analytics. We proudly build our electric drivetrains in Colorado, bringing American excellence to a market that’s growing – and we’re growing with it.

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The funds will be used to increase production capacity and space so the company can clear its backlog of orders, and to hire more staff.

Lightning Systems Raises $41M for Electric Powertrain Ramp Up

#LightningSystems raises $41M for production ramp up of #electric #powertrains for commercial vehicles

Another nail in coal’s coffin! The trend towards greener grids means cleaner power for EVs in the long run. #electricvehicles #zeroemissions #greentech

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