Lightning Systems is your source for the best electric vehicles for medium- and heavy-duty fleets.

Battery-powered passenger vans and shuttles are safe, quiet and clean

Zero emission medium- and heavy-duty drivetrains deliver efficiency and performance

Repower your diesel bus fleet with cost-effective zero emission powertrains


Lightning Systems works with you to provide the right electric powertrain on the right platform to meet the needs of your fleet. From Ford Transit vans to the largest city transit bus repowers – Lightning products will improve your fleet’s operating costs and safety, and make sure you’re driving the cleanest and most advanced technology on the road.

Our team of fleet professionals understands your goals and is ready to help you surpass them. Contact us by phone at 1-800-223-0740 or click here for a quick response.

Environmental Responsibility

In the U.S., transportation accounts for 40% of total greenhouse gas emissions, topping the charts for sources of pollution. You can make a positive difference in air quality by switching your fleet to zero emission vehicles such as Lightning Systems trucks and buses.

Exceptional Quality

Elegantly engineered with the best components and batteries and smoothly integrated with your favorite vehicle platforms so you can focus on delivering for your business.

Quiet, Powerful Performance

Lightning’s zero emission vehicles will delight your drivers and the communities you work in with superior driveability and quiet, smog-free operations.

Compliant with BUY AMERICACompliant with FAA Buy American

Our Ford Transit and E-450 vehicles qualify for the Federal Transit Administration’s Buy America program, and the FAA’s Buy American program for airport improvements. Most of our competitors can’t say the same thing.


Electric Vehicles save your fleet money on maintenance & downtime, while improving air quality.

Big savings on fuel and no en-route fueling time

Fewer parts and a well-engineered powertrain mean lower maintenance costs

Regenerative braking dramatically reduces brake wear – and improves efficiency too

More vehicle uptime with no emissions testing, no oil changes, and no DPF maintenance

Significant savings on operating costs

Zero emissions means cleaner air
in communities you serve

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