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UPS hydraulic hybrid trucks

Walk-In Trucks

Ideal for the stop-and-go of urban delivery rounds, the LightningHybrid is a perfect match for your fleet of walk-in trucks. Available now, it saves fuel, extends brake and engine life, and cuts emissions, which is important for your community. Purchase it for new vehicles, or get it retrofitted to your existing inventory.

Lightning Systems’ customers are seeing benefits on the roads, on a range of walk-in truck platforms including Freightliner MT-55 and Ford F-59. The LightningHybrid is easy to install in these vehicles and provides benefits from day one.

Examples of duties:

  • Package delivery
  • Laundry
  • Groceries

LightningAnalytics is our new cloud-based subscription service that gives you the deepest insights possible into your fleet’s performance. Capturing over 70 vehicle parameters every second, we use Big Data technologies to turn all this information into recommendations you can act on, whether it’s driver behaviors such as harsh braking or excessive idling, or vehicle health, or route efficiency optimization. Contact us to find out  more.

UPS in Chicago

You may have seen the news regarding the order from UPS for 50 LightningHybrid systems for their Chicago fleet. All 50 MT-55 trucks are on the road, saving fuel and delivering cleaner air along with those packages.

Ready to enter the world of hybrids? Contact us to get a free fleet assessment.