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Start Saving Money

Saving fuel

The Lightning Systems LightningHybrid helps your fleet’s bottom line by saving fuel every time you stop and start, or decelerate and accelerate. This means your vehicles will go further on a tank of fuel, and your drivers will be filling up less often. How much does it save? Most fleets see ROI in 2 to 5 years (less with subsidies) based on fuel and brake savings. Your fleet’s mileage will vary depending on drive cycles and drivers, so it’s possible you’ll see different savings with each vehicle.

The LightningHybrid will save more money on heavier vehicles than light ones. Take a look at the following graphic (click to enlarge):

LightningAnalytics can improve your fleet’s efficiency whether or not your vehicles are equipped with the LightningHybrid. Our advanced real-time data capture is analyzed by our data scientists to show you where you can optimize routes and driver behaviors, as well as reporting on vehicle health, service intervals and more. All of which saves you money while making your operation more productive.

Saving brakes

Because the LightningHybrid is doing the braking, wear and tear on the standard brakes is dramatically reduced. Expect to see much longer lifetimes (up to eight times the lifespan in some drive cycles) for your pads and rotors, shoes and drums. That means less money spent on brake components and maintenance overhead, and more time on the road.

By the way, reduced brake wear has environmental benefits too.

Saving the engine

A vehicle’s engine is under most load when accelerating a vehicle, especially from a stand-still. The LightningHybrid takes care of acceleration, using energy stored during the preceding braking event. That means that the engine sees very little load – almost like the vehicle is heading down a hill when starting. Over time, this translates to less wear and tear on the engine, which may allow you to increase your service intervals, and operate your vehicles for a few more years.