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Start Improving Operator Engagement


When your drivers operate a vehicle with the LightningHybrid, they’re contributing to fuel savings and a cleaner environment. Training your drivers on what the LightningHybrid is, and how to best use it will get them engaged with your goals, saving your fleet money and reducing harmful emissions. Lightning Systems provides training tailored to your fleet’s needs and goals.

Driver information display

The Driver Information Display

Driver Information Display

The LightningHybrid can be installed with the optional Driver Information Display, which provides simple real-time information on the activity and status of the LightningHybrid. It shows how much energy is stored when braking, which can be an incentive to your operators to drive in a way which maximizes the benefits of the hybrid system. It also alerts the driver if there’s a problem.


Many fleets have vehicles which idle excessively, and there’s a range of technologies available to counter this. The LightningHybrid provides three ways for you to reduce idling time in your fleet:

  • The Driver Information Display will remind drivers to switch off the engine when in Park.
  • On some vehicles, the LightningHybrid can be configured to automatically shut down the engine when in Park (but not when the weather’s too hot or cold, for example).
  • And our LightningAnalytics service allows you to see how much idling each vehicle is doing, which lets you incentivize your drivers to idle less.

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What’s That Sound?

The LightningHybrid operates with a characteristic sound, and your drivers might be asked about it. Take a look at our “What’s That Sound?” video on our Riders page, to answer that question.