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Refuse Trucks

Few vehicles stop and start as frequently as a refuse truck on a domestic collection route. With the LightningHybrid‘s ability to scale to class 8 vehicles, refuse trucks are in many cases ideal for hydraulic hybridization. With such a demanding duty cycle, the LightningHybrid delivers several benefits:

  • Saves fuel: regenerated braking energy launches the vehicle, demanding less energy from the engine.
  • Saves brakes: the LightningHybrid slows the truck, so the brakes don’t have to. Brake components last much longer.
  • Increases engine life: with the engine not working so hard, it experiences less wear.
  • Accelerates faster: the LightningHybrid provides more torque than the engine can, so the truck launches faster and gets to the next house quicker. Up goes productivity.
  • Reduces emissions: NOX reductions produce cleaner air and CO2 reductions reduce greenhouse gas contributions.

Being in the waste disposal and recycling industry, you’re already thinking about the environment. Now it’s time to clean up your fleet as well as your city.

For a deeper understanding of your fleet’s operational efficiency, deploying LightningAnalytics will give you insights into vehicle health, driver behaviors, fuel efficiencies and vehicle routing. This cloud-based subscription service captures over 70 vehicle parameters <i>every second</i> and uses Big Data methods to provide you with recommendations you can act on.

The LightningHybrid will save more money on heavier vehicles than light ones. Take a look at the following graphic (click to enlarge):

Watch this video to learn more:

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