Public Fleets Nationwide are Eligible for Volume Discount Pricing Through Massachusetts Green-Fleet Program

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A nationwide volume discount offered to public fleets by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Operational Services Division now makes reducing harmful emissions, saving fuel, and saving money easier for municipal fleets across the US.

We are pleased to announce that our partner, National Fleet Hybrids, is an approved vendor for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Advanced Vehicle Technology statewide contract, VEH102. This multi-year contract allows public fleets nationwide to purchase the Lightning Hybrids ERS for new vehicles or retrofit for existing fleet vehicles through an established public contracting mechanism with competitive volume pricing.

Vehicle iconsWhat does this mean for fleets? Dave Brosky, our VP for Sales explains: “It’s often difficult for public fleets to get new vendors and contracts approved. Through the Massachusetts VEH102 contract, these fleets can avoid red tape and delays in saving fuel and reducing harmful emissions in communities across the country. The ROI on these systems funds the cost in a short period of time, but the performance and environmental benefits last for years.”

What’s the best way to find out more? “Contact us,” says Glen Perlman, President of National Fleet Hybrids. “We would be pleased to help you navigate the various options for this program and optimize the Lightning Hybrids ERS to serve public fleets across the country with easy access to the clean and powerful ERS product.”

Through the program, municipal fleets can review available products, get quotes, and place orders directly for the Lightning Hybrids’ system either through their own purchasing systems or by contacting the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Operational Services Division (OSD) Program Manager. Massachusetts-based eligible entities can access the Contract directly through the online COMMBUYS purchasing system.

Not familiar with Lightning Hybrids yet? We design and manufacture the hydraulic hybrid Energy Recovery System (ERS) for medium and heavy duty fleet vehicles. The ERS provides fuel efficiency by regenerating braking energy, provides safer braking and more power for acceleration, and decreases harmful emissions including NOx and particulates. The ERS does not have any batteries. Instead, it safely and efficiently stores energy mechanically in composite hydraulic accumulators, which are a fraction of the cost and weight of batteries. It can be installed on new vehicles as well as retrofitted on vehicles already in service. It is sold through a network of dealers and upfitters nationwide.