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One of our UK customer vehicles at MIRA

One of our customer vehicles at HORIBA MIRA in the UK


We’re Getting It Right

Lightning Systems has invested more than $3M since 2012 on validation testing of the LightningHybrid. We have worked directly with customers for real-life tests as well as with third-parties such as SGS (an EPA approved laboratory), the Motorway Industry Research Association (HORIBA MIRA) in the U.K., the California Air Resources Board (ARB), and the International Centre for Automotive Technology (India) (ICAT). Both dynamometer and test track validation of emissions and efficiency performance of the LightningHybrid system have been completed.  Further, Lightning Systems has a Portable Emissions Measurement System (PEMS) that we use to track on-road emissions and efficiency results for customers and certification agencies.

Testing at SGS

One of our test vehicles on the dyno at SGS

Testing at SGS

LS’s Brian Johnston observes testing at SGS

Beyond the test track, PEMS, and dynamometer testing, LS has worked closely with customers such as UPS (both in the U.K. and in the US), DHL, Kiessling Transit, and other customers to test our system on their vehicles (on road, on dyno, and on test tracks), leveraging our sophisticated telematics and database analysis, and have developed predictive models (Matlab and Simulink) based on these results. From this testing and our customer’s results, we know the bands of our system performance (both fuel efficiency gains and emissions reductions) and have developed “Window Stickers” based on a variety of customer vehicle types and drive cycles to provide prospective customers with an idea of the results they can expect.  Please contact us to learn more about what you can expect from the LightningHybrid in your fleet.


One of our dynamometers, used for product development and commissioning


M2 on test track

Our Freightliner M2 test vehicle on our local proving track