Delivering zero emissions for the Ford Transit

What is LightningElectric?

The first Ford Transit full electric conversion on the market, LightningElectric is your key to zero emissions for your fleet of delivery and shuttle vehicles.

Part of Ford’s eQVM program, the LightningElectric system is installed by qualified installers around the world and comes with the standard Ford warranty and financing through Ford Motor Credit. Additionally, this ZEV qualifies for vehicle incentives, delivering a quick return on investment in addition to moving you toward your corporate sustainability goals.

Zero emissions

Avoid pollution-related restrictions and regulations, while supporting corporate green initiatives.

Lower costs

Reduce operational expenses through lower fuel consumption and lower maintenance costs.

The right range for you

Efficiently handle your route with an electric range of 25 to 125 miles, depending on the battery pack size and drive cycle.

LightningElectric at a Glance

  • Available for all Ford Transit 350HD passenger wagons, vans, cutaways, and chassis cab (10,360 GVWR)
  • Includes LightningAnalytics for real-time vehicle and driver performance, range optimization opportunities, and predictive maintenance
  • Conversions performed by QVM-certified upfitters

LightningElectric specifications

System Voltage 250-440 VDC
System Power (max / continuous) 220 kW (295 hp) / 120 kW (161 hp)
System Torque Up to 1260 Nm (gearbox output)
Lithium-Ion Battery Pack 20 to 80 kWh
Control System New Eagle Raptor™ EV Supervisor
Electric Range 25 to 125 miles (depending on battery pack size and drive cycle)
Re-charge Time 4 to 10 hours (depending on charger and battery pack options)
Payload 1,000-3,500 lbs (depending on battery pack size)
Gearbox Single speed with 55 mph max speed, or multi-speed for highway speeds and towing
Max Speed 55 mph (single speed gearbox)

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