Lightning Hybrids Receives “Best Venture” Award at NREL Industry Growth Forum

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We’re excited to announce that Lightning Hybrids received top honor at the Industry Growth Forum held earlier this month in Denver, and hosted by the Energy Department’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). The event brought 30 emerging cleantech industry company finalists from a field of 115 to present their technologies and business models to a panel of knowledgeable investor judges. Each company was graded on factors including the quality of the product, market, business model and team. The Lightning Hybrids presentation, delivered by our president, Tim Reeser, showed how our hydraulic hybrid system for medium and heavy duty vehicles has strong global market opportunities and provides benefits to a large and diverse group of stakeholders by providing fleets with a way to run cleaner and more efficient vehicles.

At the reception, Tim said, “This is the sixth year that we have applied to present at the forum and the first year to be a finalist and have a chance to present. Of course, we’re thrilled with the outcome! I’m honored to take this award back to the Lightning Hybrids team – this is excellent validation of their hard work, talent, and ingenuity. For our current investors this award confirms their investment and creates a stronger value. For potential investors, including several new investors from the NREL forum, it is an impetus to get on-board with a fast-growing international company. NREL always makes this event a valuable one with the right format and the right people in the room. The networking we have been able to do with major investors has been a great asset and we’re anxious to announce some major funding events in the near future.”

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