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lightning_hybrids_logo_USA_largeLightning Hybrids has designed a new logo that better reflects the benefits of our product. The previous logo echoed the company’s name with a lightning bolt in a circle. However, our product is a hydraulic hybrid, and we compete with electric technology so we needed to find a new way to portray the company. Our new logo is an evolution, where the legacy of the old logo is discernible, but the lightning bolt has been replaced by a pair of arrowheads. For those looking for the lightning in “Lightning Hybrids”, it’s traceable, but the association with electricity is much reduced.

Arrowheads point left and right but are also embedded in the ring denoting:

  • Acceleration and deceleration
    (key attributes of our technology)
  • Road transit and transport
    (our target market)
  • Relationship and partnership commerce
  • Rotation and torque
    (key attributes of our technology)
  • Regeneration
    (our product regenerates braking energy)
  • Recycling
    (environmental stewardship:
    reduced fuel and emissions)

In addition, we now have a name for our product. We call it the ERS, short for Energy Recovery System, a term that describes exactly what our customers can expect from our product.