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Issue Reporting Form

If a problem occurs with your Lightning Systems LightningHybrid, you can report it directly to Lightning Systems. In fact, the earlier a problem is reported, the faster we can work to resolve the issue and get your vehicle back on the road!

Complete the form below to submit a problem:

Name* Email*
Fleet Name* Unit Number*
Date Reported* Time Reported*
Issue Summary*
Issue Description*
Describe the problem with as much detail as possible. Here are some details to include that can help us diagnose and resolve the issue more effectively:

  • The problem are you experiencing with as much detail as possible
    • Did the green status light go out?
    • Who experienced the issue, driver, technician, supervisor?
    • What did the hybrid sound or feel like?
    • Is there any fluid leaking?
  • When/how the problem occurred
    • What time was the issue first noticed or reported?
    • Was the vehicle driving when the issue occurred? How fast was the vehicle going?
    • Did the issue occur during braking or acceleration?
    • Is the issue repeatable? Describe the steps taken to repeat the problem.
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Thank you for submitting this issue to Lightning Systems. We will investigate the issue and get back to you as soon as possible. If the issue is extremely serious or you would like to talk with a Lightning Systems representative, please call our Support Hotline – (970) 744-4926