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Our partners

Lightning Systems enjoys valuable partnerships with industry leaders. Here are are some of the key ones:

Castrol logoCastrol

Our high-tech hydraulic hybrid system requires high-tech hydraulic fluid, and our relationship with Castrol ensures we get the best product possible, as well as valuable technical and commercial support.

Steelhead Composites logoSteelhead Composites

The LightningHybrid stores energy in an accumulator which needs to be light, strong, efficient, long-lasting and safe. For this product, we turn to Steelhead Composites in Golden, Colorado.

Sun Hydraulics logoSun Hydraulics

The valve manifold controls the flow of hydraulic fluid. It’s a precision component manufactured for us by Sun Hydraulics, who work closely with us to optimize the function and reliability of the control valves and the fluid pathways.

Manifolds from Sun Hydraulics

Hydro Leduc logoHydro Leduc

The pump/motors are the mechanical heart of the system, transferring mechanical energy to hydraulic pressure and back again. Hydro Leduc has worked closely with us for several years to ensure that this component delivers the performance and reliability we require.